mardi 16 avril 2013

We have perhaps forgotten it, but the British of the 6th  Airborne Division preceded the incredible Armada that was going to sweep across the beaches of Normandy on the morning of June 6, 1944. Who remembers these young men who, during the night of June 5th to 6th, would risk their lives, break the German lock and, for many of them, leave behind their youth.  

This film tells the story of these men who were the bridgehead of the landings, at the vanguard of the Liberation.    

On April 23, 1943, Winston Churchill decided on the formation of a new airborne unit: the 6th Airborne Division. Nearly 12,000 men would make up this division. 180 of them were the first to fight. The survivors from this unit are our witnesses. 

Today, the last of them will recount for us, day after day, the 
preparation, the training and the mission entrusted to them. Arriving in gliders or parachuting down behind SWORD BEACH, they had to secure the eastern flank of the Allied landing zone.  

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